2014 BMW X5 price, review and release date

BMW recently launched 2014 BMW X5, after completing 15 very successful years in SUV market, the 2014 X5 model is better in every aspect than the current model.
BMW termed its X5 as Sports Activity Vehicle due to its suitable behaviour both on and off road. Some of the key features of the X5 are:


Three engine options are available to the customer, first a 3 litre six cylinder gasoline unit, boosted with single turbocharger, the engine churn out 300 horse power and 300 foot pound of torque. Second, a 4.4 litre twin turbo engine in V8 configuration that produces 445 horse power and 480 foot pound of torque. These are impressive figures on paper and 0-100 kilometres per hour comes in 6.2 seconds for the 3 litre unit and in 4.8 seconds for the V8 unit. A more economical diesel engine is also available, it is a six cylinder 3 litre turbocharged engine, good for 255 horse power and an impressive 413 foot pound of torque, it can hit a ton in seven seconds.


All the power will be transmitted to the wheels via a eight speed automatic transmission. Apart from the common all wheel drive system, BMW for the first time will also offer a rear wheel drive. This step ahs been taken keeping in mind that most X5 are used for city driving only, and are hardly used for real offroad. It comes with a standard electronic power steering, and integrated with active steering program, it provides decent feedback and weighs up nicely at high speeds.


Design has remained fairly same as the current generation X5, but improvements have been done in various areas. The car is more aerodynamically slipper than the current model, it produces less drag, which helps in improving performance as well as fuel efficiency. The looks are sharp and the curves blend in well the body, the protruding kidney grill has become more pronounced, but overall shape of the car has remained same.


The car is 200 pounds lighter than the current model, this translate to good power to weight ratio and enhanced handling. The car is more agile than the current X5 and handles corners very well. It is equipped with features like active anti roll system and torque vectoring which improves the handling and stability of the car. Different setting are available like the Eco Pro mode which maximises fuel efficiency and the a sports+ mode, which enhanced throttle response, makes the suspension more firm and provides maximum performance.


The new X5 is designed keeping in mind that it more used as an urban transport vehicle rather than a true off roader. While no compromises have been made in its off road capabilities, the interiors of the car is enhanced to provide great luxury to the customers. The quality of the products used is top notch, and now an option to add third row of seats is also available.

The 2014 model X5 will be available in early 2014 and the price range will start from 53,000 dollars for the base model to 69,000 dollars for the top model. If you are looking for a luxury SUV and will usually use it in urban spaces, then the 2014 X5 is the best car in the market.

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