2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS 550 4MATIC AMG Line

Background of the name GLS

GLS is a name given to the 2017 GL serie of the Mecedez Benz SUV – equivalent of the S-serie of the SUV. After several years of conceptions, the GLS 550 has become a reality. In fact it comes with little to no change at all to its predecessor GL 550. Read on to see why.

The new 2017 GLS 550 of Mecedez Benz

The new GLS 550 will come with several modification. The best known is its tail light which will have LED embedded as a new standard. The sport option will give you a totally awesome new look of the GLS serie. Having said that, the general exterior body of GLS 550 has not much changed from its old-name GL 550.

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