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    2018 Tesla Model S Tuning by ARES Italian Designer

    One of the Tesla Model S owner, Phil Hayton,had a problem. His P90D just isn’t practical enough for transporting his dog. The solution? Hacking the car to bits and making it into a ‘shooting brake’ estate, obviously.  Except ‘hacking the car to bits’ is a little challenging for him. That is why he went for […] More

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    Top three expensive car brands in the world

    ultra luxury car in front of a skyline

    High-end cars and truck is a term that is commonly utilized, but does anyone truly understand exactly what it means? Luxury is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to automobiles. What a vehicle dealer’s ad touts as luxury may be various from exactly what a cars and truck rental firm categorizes as […] More

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    Subaru impreza wrx sti hatchback tuning

    sporty tuned subaru impreza

    I have been neglecting this blog for almost a year now. I cannot believe it that my last post was on S600 2017 serie. Now we are already in 2018. How time flies. Well, today I am going to do some googling and share some cool tuning photos of this hatchback racing car: Subaru Impreza […] More

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    2017 mercedes s600 interior photo

    inside view of the sedan S600 maybach

    I just love Mercedes, as a owner of a GLS550, I like the Sedan serie for its high price and ultra luxury car. The new 2017 Mercedes S600 costs at least $170,000 as the base price and could go very high up as it depends on how many options you are going to equip this […] More

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    Porsche 911 performance upgrades

    I decide to write about Porsche 911 performance upgrade today as I had a road rage incident today on the highway to my friends’ house. You see in where I live, the highway has two lanes and a speed limit of up to 120khm and while my car, a big benz GLS550 , has already driven […] More

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    New 2018 AMG S65 most popular in China

    amg s65 powerful car interior photo at night

    The last word in overindulgence limousines hasn’t been spoken till Mercedes-Benz has had its floor. Herr Dr. Benz’s company was the leading company around the world among the diplomat and businessman , especially the Chinese millionaire. In fact, according to Automotive Industry stat, there are 198,520 Mercedes benz sold in China alone to date. In […] More

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    Which is powerful car: S90 or V90?

    Never seen before 2018 Volvo S90 photo

    Both models were among the first US cars and trucks to include side air bags as a choice. They likewise featured disc brakes and an anti-lock braking system. Some variations were likewise available with 4×4. In 2010, the automobiles were fitted with modified side air bags to improve the protection of the head and chest […] More

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    2017 Jetta GLI 2.0T Tuning

    Volkswagen 2.0T with dog and girl

    From 1991 through 1998, the 3rd generation of VW Jetta was dubbed the “pauper’s BMW” as it was packed with trim functions. The exterior of 3rd generation VW Jetta were considered to be ‘blocky’ and had subtle body modifications like a brand-new grille, assorted wheel covers and body-colored rub strips. The Vw Jetta from this […] More

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