amg s65 powerful car interior photo at night

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New 2018 AMG S65 most popular in China

The last word in overindulgence limousines hasn’t been spoken till Mercedes-Benz has had its floor. Herr Dr. Benz’s company was the leading company around the world among the diplomat and businessman , especially the Chinese millionaire. In fact, according to Automotive Industry stat, there are 198,520 Mercedes benz sold in China alone to date.
In 2018, Mercedes will convey its newest AMG S65 Sedan which will start at the cost USD226,900. Through the years, Benz and its closest competitors have actually fighting hard to enter the China market. With the new S, code-named AMG S65 and in the beginning accessible in the US, this German car maker intends to make its name in China market.

By the way, remember to check out the Maybach G650 for another yet luxurious jeep type of car.

amg s65 powerful car interior photo at night

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