Armoured Vehicles For VIP and rich people

While many rich people and celebrities prefer sport cars, their fame could attract unwanted attention from the bad people. Therefore for their own safety, majority of wealthy men and women invest heavily in expensive armored cars which can save their lives. In this connection, let me try my best to give a summary of top 5 armored cars available in the US market.

First, a Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Guard would stand at position number 1 in my list. That is because number one concern when selecting an armored car is its ability to blend in well in the region where you will use the car. Since your car will be used in urban environment, the Benz S600 definitely will fit the bill.  This model from Germany is one of few luxurious armored cars by the Benz company. Its price is still top secret due to customization for each client but could range between half to 0.7$ million. This model is designed using extreme engineering work, car is capable of resisting close range sniper shot, high velocity projectiles and even rocket propelled grenades. Despite the weight added on to the factory built body, the gasoline engine which is twin-turbocharged with consumption of 5’500cc V12 517 horsepower is capable of zoom from 0 to 60 mph within four seconds. Definitely, the S600 Pullman will serve well in your arsenal of protection options.

Next, we look at 2014 Audi A8 L Security. This armored vehicle wrapped in steel, Kevlar and titanium with VR 7 ballistic protection standard makes it invincible in case of a high powered firearms. It is designed to protect the occupant against chemicals and fire attacks as well. Its gasoline engine W12 450b horsepower can zip from 0 to 100
kilometers/hour within five seconds. Depending on the choice of armored cars companies, you can add various options such as smoke, high intensity flashing front lights and VHF communication phone.

If you are fancy for a high end luxury brand, look no further than the Bentley Mulliner. This awesome bullet proof car from Mulsanne is capable of withstand high powered firearms, explosive and chemical threats attacks from any side. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 kilometers/hour within five seconds and reach a speed of 184 miles/hour this is due to the twin turbocharged 6700cc 505-horsepower engine powered by gasoline.

Then we have the 2014 BMW 7 Series High Security. This is a luxury and high security armored Germany made vehicle. Though rated at position 4, it is very popular model. This fifth generation BMW 7 series is equipped with bulletproof glass, to full armour plating designed to pass the world’s toughest security standards i.e. in full compliance with the VR7 standard. The High Security is capable of repelling high velocity projectile and any chemical attacks from all sides. The stunning feature with this model is its own tank of gas which enable it to seal itself when hit with a bullet.

Finally, let’s take a look at the Cadillac One, the counterpart to the air the force one when it comes to comfort. This privileged limousine is heavily armored with its details highly classified to a point where some jokers speculate that it can withstand a direct nuclear missile. Cadillac One has diesel powered engine V8 6600cc turbo 300horsepower. In case of presidential convoy, this car has many decoys to confuse the potential threats. In all case, the exact model of Mr. President armoured limousine is not available to the public but of course you could request the armored car company to customize any Cadillac to suit your security needs.

In all case, as a customer you could discuss with the bulletproof car companies to build an armored vehicle that meet your security standard and needs. After the discussion, any of the above model and the vehicle will be manufactured or modified by following those specifications.

Written by John

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