DMC Ferrari FF Maximus

DMC Ferrari FF “Maximus”

Ferrari FF is the latest supercar out of the Italian factory, but German tuners from DMC are the guys who decided to improve it. They named it Maximus, a name that expresses power, quality and an impressive driving experience. The FF Maximus was changed, both on design and engine performance, in a way that few will recognize it.

DMC Ferrari FF Maximus

On the exterior, the DMC Ferrari FF Maximus has a completely new design. The body kit includes new front and rear bumper, a new front grill, side scoops and a rear diffuser next to the trunk spoiler. DMC used carbon fiber to cover this Ferrari, so the kit is now 70 kg lighter, an improvement that will make this car run even faster.

DMC Ferrari FF Maximus

Under the hood, the car was really upgraded to the maximum. The car’s massive boost is ensured by the huge 6 L V12 engine and some other new parts such as a stainless steel sport exhaust system or new fuel injectors. All these upgrades have made the DMC Ferrari FF Maximus to run from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, having a top speed of 340 km/h.

DMC Ferrari FF Maximus

For even more performance the Maximus has 21-inch alloys at the front of the car ans 22-inch at the back, covered in Pirelli tires, plus a new car lowering system complete the DMC’s Ferrari supercar.


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