ultra luxury car in front of a skyline

Top three expensive car brands in the world

Want to know which are the 3 high end car brand in your universse? Find out here.

High-end cars and truck is a term that is commonly utilized, but does anyone truly understand exactly what it means? Luxury is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to automobiles. What a vehicle dealer’s ad touts as luxury may be various from exactly what a cars and truck rental firm categorizes as a high-end car, and both might contravene your individual perception of exactly what a luxury automobile is.

top sport expensive car in this world

Definition of Luxury Cars

In economics, a high-end product is one that remains in higher demand among individuals with higher earnings. A luxury car is a status symbol, and status differs relying on the demographic or socioeconomic group to which is applies.

High-End Product: A product that is one of the most expensive or advanced in a company’s product range, or in the market as a whole

A luxury cars and truck may simply imply an expensive car. A luxurious car may not necessarily be considered a luxury auto. Since of its high rate, a Hummer is frequently considered a luxury vehicle, even though the original Hummers are heavy duty military trucks without focus on convenience.

ultra luxury car interior is full of leather

A high-end automobile might likewise merely be a car made by a manufacture understood for making high-end cars, even if the particular car is cheaper than its normal models. All designs of Mercedes and Jaguars are considered to fall into this classification, even the least expensive variations.

Many people would agree that a vehicle costing more than $100,000 would be thought about a high-end automobile. Practically all automobiles made by Rolls Royce and Bentley, for instance, fall into that cost variety. Exclusivity is on of the couple of agreed characteristics of a luxury car.

one of the Aston Martin One-77 is bought by Monaco resident

High-performance cars such as sports vehicles, for example Corvettes and Vipers, are status cars, however not everybody would call them luxury cars. An auto might be luxurious by virtue of its amenities and its convenience level without being pricey, even though to a lot of people a luxury implies something they really cannot afford.

Exactly what a vehicle dealership’s advertisement promotes as luxury may be different from what an automobile rental firm classifies as a luxury vehicle, and both may clash with your individual perception of what a high-end automobile is.

An expensive vehicle may simply indicate a costly car. An elegant car might not necessarily be considered a luxury automobile.

ultra luxury car in front of a skyline

My best luxury car brands are:

  • Rolle Royce : Undoubtedly, this it the most exclusive luxury cars in the world. Its all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII average price is around 600,000$ i.e. more than half a million US Dollar.
  • Ferrari LaFerrari : The LaFerrari is the most aspiring project of Ferrari. This project car intends to push the limit of sport car technology on the road. LaFerrari combines both GT and Formal 1 Engineering into this single car. It’s average price stands at over one million US dollar.

laFerrari the ultra sport car

  • Aston Martin One-77 : Aston Martin, while not considered as one of the sports cars brands , I would place them in this luxury cars list. It is very simple because there is just 77 cars in existent (which explains the name). By the way, it has a very powerful 12-V engine and its starting cost of 1.15 million British pound.

all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII price

And now you have it, my list of top three expensive car brands.

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