FAB Design Cadillac Escalade

FAB Design Cadillac Escalade

Now what do you do when you are a big tuning company and one of your most loyal clients comes and asks you to modify a car in his own awkward way? Well, if you are FAB Design you say yes and you get to work.
Why all this charade? Well, because the tuners over at FAB Design, a company otherwise specialized in modifying  Mercedes models, received a very strange request from a North-African customer that wanted a tuned up Cadillac Escalade that will look like nothing anyone has ever seen before.
However, this wasn’t necessarily the best decision as the interior was redesigned using tons of genuine snake and crocodile imitating leather, a thing that attracted the fury of the animal rights group Pro Wildlife making them say that too many animals are sacrificed for the sake of the luxury lovers.

FAB Design Cadillac Escalade FAB Design Cadillac Escalade

On the outside on the other hand, the Cadillac Escalade suffered a much bigger transformation as the car was partially redesigned, the final result looking more like an armored truck than as a luxury SUV. The massive headlight were replaced with smaller ones, the grille was modified to look much bigger than the original one and the original fog lights were replaced with much bigger ones. Also, the rear end was redesigned with new minimalist tail lamps, a big new bumper and an obscure tail glass that seems to be there for no reason what so ever.

FAB Design Cadillac Escalade FAB Design Cadillac Escalade FAB Design Cadillac Escalade
To complete the look, the tuned up Escalade received a set of massive side sills that are automatically lowered when the doors open, allowing them to be used as stepping boards.

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