Impul Nissan Juke

Impul Nissan Juke

The Juke, with its out of the ordinary front side dominated by the large position lights and the unusual headlight proved to be a commercial hit for Nissan, who already has large orders to take from various regions of the world.
On the other hand, despite the funny name, Impul is quite a famous tuning company…in Japan. Probably this is why the tuners over at Impul decided to work a bit on looks of the new Nissan Juke and what came out of their hands you can see in the pictures below.

Impul Nissan Juke Impul Nissan Juke

On the style side, the tuners mounted a new front spoiler, a rear diffuser, side skirts and of course a large rear wing. Moreover, they redesigned the front grill, redesigned the mirrors and changed the rims with some 19 inch black shiny ones that are in an obvious contrast with the rest of the car.
Still, the Japanese tuners didn’t stop at that and they decided to go a bit further giving the Juke some extra power under the hood. They tweaked the ECM software for both the non turbo and the turbocharged versions of the 1.6 engine but for the moment the technical figures were not yet published. Still, the Inpul press release also stated that the tuned up Juke will also feature a droped suspension kit, a new brake kit and of course, a new exhaust system that will help this small Nissan crossover to gain some extra hp.

Impul Nissan Juke Impul Nissan Juke

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