Kahn Design 2012 Vesuvius Sport 3000

Kahn Design 2012 Range Rover Vesuvius Sport 300

Kahn Design has tuned Land Rover and Range Rover ever since they’re out on the market, and they’ve done a pretty good job too. But this model is an absolute `hands down`. It comes with a full pack of things that you could ever wish for a car, plus a completely incredible design.

I’ve never been a fan of big cars but this Vesuvius edition Sport 300 looks kinda good. The main feeling you have when you’re driving this Range Rover is superiority. The exterior, covered with black and orange painting, features orange roof and bonnet stripes, door tops, 22 inch Kahn alloys, a front spoiler, an orange grille and four pipe exhaust system. And this is only the basic. On the inside almost everything got changed, starting with the front and rear seats, the steering wheel or the foot pedals, all branded with the Vesuvius theme. There haven’t been much updates under the hood, but Kahn Design managed to place a twin turbocharged engine and a new stainless steel exhaust system.

The price is currently set at almost 70 thousand pounds for this edition, but you may also choose some other parts to be included. More details available on the Kahn Design official website.

Kahn Design 2012 Vesuvius Sport 300

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