Kubatech Mercedes C63

Kubatech Mercedes C63 AMG

It’s hard to say that a car bearing the Mercedes and AMG logos really needs to be tuned. Still, there are some people that consider otherwise and that’s why this Mercedes Benz C63 AMG got in the capable hands of the Kubatech tuning team.

Kubatech Mercedes C63

They took an “ordinary” C63 AMG and  gave it a new ECU made by Mcchip-dkr, one of the best German ECU  tuners,  along with a brand new sports exhaust system manufactured by Cargraphic another great name in the German tuning industry.

Kubatech Mercedes C63

These two procedures combined have boosted the original 6.2 liter V8 engine from its basic 457 hp and 600 Nm to a staggering 583 Hp and 692 Nm, more than enough to turn this 4 doors sedan into a genuine rocket.

Kubatech Mercedes C63
Moreover, Kubatech added to this Stage 3 performance kit, a new set of 19 inch alloy rims painted in a back matte finish and fitted with a set of Michelin high performance rubbers.
Unfortunately, we have yet to find the final price for this tuning procedure but taking into consideration the basic price for an original C63 AMG that goes around $58.000 in the States and the quality of the parts used, it’s very likely that the Kubatech performance tuning won’t come very cheap.

Kubatech Mercedes C63 Kubatech Mercedes C63

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