lexus lx 570 invader by asi tuning

Car tuning refers to the performance and body work improvement of a car. By performing the tuning on any car, it will not only increase its performance but also its beauty. For example, ASI tuning has turned an excellent Lexus LX570 into a super power wagon and name it ASI Lexus LX570 invader.

Not only that the new LX570 invader codename L60s has its power supercharge to 600 bhp but also its body work has been restyle to look so chick! Besides, the interior has been redesign with any color you wish for, just an example the pictures of this L60, Lexus 570 invader show that the car has red color in all its interior.

Of course, in terms of pricing for the tuning of this LX570, the supercharge tuning package costs between 18’500 to 19’000 USD. Whereas the exterior body kits package cost 25’200 USD for the LX570 year 2012 series.

Unfortunately, there is no news yet as to when ASI will introduce the new 2013 or 2014 Lexus 570 tuning. But if you do know, please leave the comments below.

lexus lx 570 invader by asi tuning
lexus lx 570 invader by asi tuning


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