Porsche 911 performance upgrades

I decide to write about Porsche 911 performance upgrade today as I had a road rage incident today on the highway to my friends’ house. You see in where I live, the highway has two lanes and a speed limit of up to 120khm and while my car, a big benz GLS550 , has already driven at the speed of 135khm, out of nowhere this black porsche 911 overtook me by surprise. That pissed me off and therefore I wonder what make this Porsche 911 was so powerful i.e. more powerful than my GLS550?

That is how I learnt that you can actually tune a Porsche by installing various components to enhance its performance. Below is the Porsched 911 performance upgrade I know after a quick google research:

1- Replace your factory air filter with a Carrera BMC F1 air filter

Starting with its outer structure, BMC uses an unique soft rubber material made in a procedure called “full molding”, which not only supplies a much tighter seal around the filter, but also eliminates any potential cracking or damaging of the filter. The filter component itself is constructed from a cleanable cotton material that supplies virtually 40% higher air movement compared to paper, enclosed in an alloy mesh display which aids the filter keep its shape and secures against larger debris as well as dirt. The enhanced circulation of air via the filter offers a constant stream of clean air to the turbochargers, leading to much more consistent and reliable power.

2- Replace Porsche 991.2 Carrera Sport Headers to enhance its performance

Boost exhaust circulation, accelerate turbo spindles, and also increase horse power with Fabspeed’s T304L stainless steel Sport Headers which change the obstructive and also inefficient factory exhaust manifolds.

3- How about SharkWerks 991 GT3 / RS 100mm Exhaust Tips

Not really a tuning for a better performance but instead it is for the beauty of your Porsche 911.

Enhance the look of any type of 991 GT3’s rear-end with our brand-new enlarged (100mm, compared with 88mm OEM tips) light-weight exhaust suggestions. Manufactured in The golden state using TIG-welded stainless steel, our pointers have actually been ceramically heat treated with a satin black coating to remain OEM-like in both fitment as well as appearance.

As a simple 10 minute bolt-on, our ideas are developed to fit the supply exhaust system, our muffler bypass and/or any kind of after-market exhaust system that accepts factory-style pointers. Our ideas have a single split layout as well as shave over one pound off of the supply units as well as are about two pounds lighter than a few of the heavier after-market establish. Throughout screening on local tracks with high engine speeds we even came across circumstances of after-market as well as stock center sections cracking because of the added stress and anxiety of raised weight from larger/heavier pointers put on hold out the rear on a currently heat and metal-stressed location.

I hope you enjoy this performance tuning for your 911 Porsche. Well, I am still in road rage mode.

Written by John

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