The Classic Mercury-Lincoln Cougar – A Nascar Legend

In its origins, the Cougar was an idea that Lincoln-Mercury had actually been considering, for some time, with the concept of a smaller stylish car. As early as February 1963 this concept of a smaller sized as well as stylish Lincoln-Mercury car, to be introduced to the North American market, pertained to emerge within the business head office, marketing and design personnel.

In 1967 Lincoln Mercury relied on Bud Moore to be the point male for a shot at the SCCA Trans-Am Champion. Team Cougar comprised of drivers, Dan Gurney, Parnelli Jones, Solution 1 motorist Peter Revson and NASCAR driver Dave Pearson was available in second in Ford Mustang’s team. In 1968 then under the aegis of Moore, chauffeur DeWayne “Tiny” Lund went on to catch the NASCAR Grand Touring Championship.

The success of the Ford Mustang was all that was needed to put the wheels in motion. Indeed the popular marketing referral in regards to the item market appeal and sales of the Ford Mustang ‘Pony” Vehicle was a check in a donut store that “Or donuts sell as fast as Mustangs”. Nothing drives the car market more than the prospective and promise of quick car sales figures. It is notable that even the name of the lorry item “Cougar” can be said to be family line generated. After the name Cougar is not only six letters but is another member of a line of fast creatures. Both the names of Mustang and Cougar stimulate an image of sleekness and fast speed along with agility.

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