The Classic Mercury-Lincoln Cougar – A Nascar Legend

Constructed on a 111 inch wheelbase, the Cougar was three inches and half inches much shorter than its cousin– the Thunderbird. Below the classy sheetmetal of the Cougar was a Mustang, so to speak. In actuality the Cougar shown its cousins– the sporty Mustang, and the more dour household lorry – the Ford Falcon (which was likewise understood in the Canadian market as the Ford Frontenac item. The Ford Mustang had the best fortune of being born from the Ford Falcon product line. Mustang lovers owe a fantastic financial obligation of thankfulness to a so called compact “Household” automobile. The Ford Falcon allowed both the Mustang car task in addition to the Cougar car item a fast to establish, cheap to produce in addition to a proven and long lasting base platform. Even the dash of the early Mustangs was a direct copy of the Falcons.

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