Tuning a 2017 BMW 330 serie

The German car maker avoid the low-end torque, just like this 7 seater suv‘s design. Instead they offer a slower launch, but smoother, linear acceleration. The silky 6-cylinder engine is particularly noticeable with a manual transmission in this 330 serie. In 2017, this german car maker finally added another gear for the stick shift i.e. up to 6th gear. My old one has 78,560 miles and the gearing still makes me look for 6th when I run up through the gears. Since the 330 generates 255 horsepower, far more than I am used to for daily driving, I may have to upgrade my radar detector system.

Yes, the car basic design is spectacular, its engine, its ride, its steering but the electronics controls are a sadly disappointment. Anyone that has driven this car has a funny story to tell on how the turning signals is not as automated as it could be. One has to turn from one side to the other and back again and he or she is in a vain attempt to turn them off.  The turning signal lever doesn’t ‘click’ into place as the rest of the world has come to commonly expect turn signals to function. With the 330, you tap the signal, such as for passing, and it automatically flashes five times and then turns off. But you can hold the lever a little longer, and you get your normal-action from the turn signal.

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