VWvortex Beetle RS Project

VWvortex Beetle RS Project

Launched a few weeks ago, the 2012 Beetle was quite a hit and probably that’s why the guys over at VWVortex decided to work on this new car giving it a Stage I visual tuning.
Still, this is a special work as the tuned up Beetle is a pre-production version that will never receive any registration, airbags or license plates remaining instead as an auto show car.

VWvortex Beetle RS Project VWvortex Beetle RS Project

Starting from the idea of creating a GT3 RS like Beetle, the team over at VWVortex grabbed a set of orange VMR710 20″x9″ rims from a Porsche and a standard H&R standard Golf 6 suspension system and fitted them on the prototype Beetle. Also on the technical side, the car received a turbocharged kit and a unique Borla exhaust.
Now, despite the fact that this car will never see the highway, it’s very likely that if there will be a lot of requests, this tuning kit could be produced and fitted on other owner willing Beetles.

VWvortex Beetle RS Project

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