2014 Mercedes-Benz S550 Sedan Review, release date and price

The last word in extravagance limos hasn’t been spoken until Mercedes-Benz has had the floor. Herr Dr. Benz’s firm was making the favored delivery holders for the for the most part unelected top when Audi was just a marketable strategy, when BMW was in the air pocket auto business, and when the saying Lexus was simply seriously butchered Latin. No organization in this business has more encounter pander to finicky purchasers.

Subsequently does Mercedes now convey its most recent undertake the official level vehicle after practically others, from Hyundai to Hongqi, has taken a shot. Through the years, Benz and its closest contenders have decreased power, taking care of, and solace to products. Supplying them in excess is the table bet now, so the technique with the new S, code-named W222 and at first accessible in the U.S. as the S550 and S550 4matic, has been to consider what else the rich yearning even before the rich think of it themselves.

Case in point, totally no one knows he needs two converse rigging proportions or stereo-speaker mind-set lights in seven driver-selectable shades. In any event, not yet. On the other hand seat coolers that suck (air) for four prior minutes they blow, which does without a doubt chill your sweaty posterior all the more rapidly. The “hot-stone back rub” characteristic, likewise discretionary, feels as though some individual were jabbing you with warm snooker balls. What’s more the softer cushions on the headrests of the two discretionary, electrically leaning back “official” back seats are like dunking your head into clumped cream. Americans even get exceptional maxi cooling that can channel a nor’easter at your midsection, something Europeans detest, evidently.

There’s additional, with Mad Men–marketing names, for example, Magic Vision Control for wiper edges that join little washer spouts so your vision isn’t immediately blocked by the regular rampage spend of water. The Air-Balance framework fragrances the lodge with your decision of atomized aromas, “a planet first,” trumpets the 154-page press unit. A completely equipped W222 has more than 100 electric engines installed.

Nonetheless, the S class’ most byzantine characteristic must be Magic Body Control, supplied with the discretionary pressure driven dynamic figure control (ABC) suspension. It utilizes the auto’s stereoscopic, or twin, Polaroid to “see” hindrances ahead and after that unwinds the suspension to the consistency of overcooked macaroni in opportunity to buoy the form over the obstruction. It is a sincerely unusual feeling to hope to be hurled into the top at 30 mph over a rate knock, just to feel… nothing. How Europe’s delegated heads might have cherished this characteristic a couple of hundreds of years prior as grooves and sick workers lay in the way of their chaise-and-fours!

Mystery Body Control is a touch of an one-trap horse, however, as it works best at low speed and on the sort of long, level beat rate knocks that are regular in Europe. The Polaroid, which essentially examine for shadows or scene contrast, can’t see asphalt crevices and ordinary wheel bouncers, for example, sewer vent despondencies, which arrive excessively all of a sudden for the framework to respond. Furthermore terrible climate blinds its eyes.

Returning to a degree to structure after its occupied, excessively styled W221 antecedent, the S-class offers its full—nay, its presidential—suite of electronic do-something-or-others bundled in a nearly straightforward and conscientiously progressive set of lines. The lodge seems to slide rearward onto the hindquarters to emphasize a long, level hood that is topped by a substantial, bodacious Benz grille now tilted all the more vertically.

The new Mecedes Benz S550 base price is 92’900$ and you can build your own S class with options at the Benz site:

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