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Redcat racing Landslide XTE review

Are you looking for a fast, efficient, and durable remote-controlled truck? Are you scrolling across the internet and not finding the perfect product that you wish to buy? It is natural to feel overwhelmed with so many products available in the market. The new Redcat Landslide XTE is something ...

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Redcat Gen 8 Scout 2 review

The most hyped vehicle release from the infamous Redcat Brand of all time has to be none other than Gen 8 Scout II. When the company announced the release date of Gen 8, the world of scale crawler was taken aback. Overwhelmed by the success of Gen 7, Redcat Racing addressed their fans and made ...

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A Comprehensive Redcat Blackout XTE Review

Are you confused about what to buy for your teenage son on his next birthday? Drop all your worries. The new and advanced Redcat Blackout XTE Waterproof Electric Monster Truck is here! From the house of Redcat Racing Store, this is a unique and smartly designed product that is sure to grab all ...

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RedCat Volcano EPX Review

RC trucks can be fun and thrilling, combined with the advancements in technology today, these bite-sized machines can pack a mean punch. The RedCat Racing Volcano EPX is one such RC truck. In fact, it is so powerful it can hardly be described as an RC car. It was specifically designed for ...

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