Best Awesome And Incredible Full Metal S3 Pro Brushless Speedboat


Full Metal S3 Pro Brushless Speedboat

This boat is not just a common boat like others; this is Full Metal S3 Pro Brushless Speedboat which is one of the global limited edition.

This boat has a high capacity to store charge and energy of 4200mAh with adding two batteries at a time so we can say that it is a kind of professional boat use for the experienced persons.

This boat uses two brushless motors and the source of double battery at the same time and the whole body of this boat made up of some kind of metal.

Like it is a kind of metal version it is used metal pressurized version, metal propellers, metal rubber, and metal headstand that make it a more attractive and gorgeous look.

This boat and its edition are so rare in the world so due to its rareness and fixed the high price of this boat, now there are only 100 sales are available in all over the world.

Now move toward and another quality that is flip correction function at the time of traveling and enjoying it so we can say that it also contains self-righting property as well.

In short, the hardware, inner part, exterior, and the interior is made up of fine metal.


This RC Features:

Price History:

S3.0 Pro. 31.5 inches Remote Control Boat Brushless Speedboat Extreme Speed 80km/h+ Hobbies Global Limited Sales w/ Two 4200 mAh Battery for Power at Same time Full Metal Rudder, SOWOFA

Price: $308.99
as of January 19, 2021 7:02 pm
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Current Price $308.99 January 19, 2021
Highest Price $356.66 August 29, 2020
Lowest Price $308.99 October 21, 2020
Since August 22, 2020

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$308.99 October 21, 2020
$356.66 August 29, 2020
$352.98 August 22, 2020
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