Amazing Incredible 2.4 Hz Mini Dual Motor Boats


2.4 Hz Mini Dual Motor Boats

Of course this mini boat but this 2.4 Hz Mini Dual Motor Boats have amazing speed that easily competes with a large boat.

This boat contains powerful brushless motors that easily race at the speed of 10km/h while blowing out other little boats.

Therefore super-fast speed easily makes you happy among your friends and gives you the first prize of race in your hand.

The whole body and structure of this boat is fully sealed and waterproof with adding of inspiring design in it.

Actually the edges of the body made up of waterproof sponge that fitted to cover that have twist buttons that help the inner parts of the body.

In short, all the boat has a single streamline shape with antique body hull which really inspired by the water droplets.

The main feature of its streamline shape is that when it comes to ground it mimics its shape moreover it is also useful for increasing its speed.

Now let’s have look on the inner parts of this machine, this boat contains inside auto-protect system that prevents the boat from overheating.

It is also useful for the protection of the battery when it warm and gives full protection for the engine to cease.


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RC Mini Boat 2.4Hz Remote Control Speed Boat Dual Motors Self Righting Racing Boat 15Km/H RC Ship Speedboat Toys for Kids, Selfome

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