Powerful Attractive Electric STRX-9 Racing Boat For Kids


Electric STRX-9 Racing Boat

If you need a complete pistol grip of radio control system remote then I will advise you to get this Electric STRX-9 Racing Boat for creating more fun and excited environment among the friends.

Most of the children really like to have competition all the time and want to win the race of boats but unfortunately due to bad choice for their boats, they may lose the game.

But if they buy this boat with amazing features then I am sure that this boat makes other boats to be in shame and give him first prize with him after the end of the competition.

Almost many boats just contain fix parts and body structure that even not be moveable but this boat give you adjustable fins that you can fix and attach with your own desire for making the boat faster and faster.

This boat is also contains a small antenna that catches that signal from the remote for observing the command and do the action on that, moreover, this boat also has powerful brushless.

This brushless is always ready for working to make the boat cool all the time and protecting the boat from any sort of heating process.


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Steerix STRX-9 Electric Mini Vee Hull RC Racing Boat Red/Black RTR, Venom Group International

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