Realistic And Incredible Best RTR Aqua Dart RC Boat


RTR Aqua Dart RC Boat

Here is another one with attractive bullet shape RTR Aqua Dart RC Boat that makes the children happy and creates more fun with it.

This boat is available in two colors combinations one is green and the other is black however it’s up to you and your taste that which mixing of color you like the most for enjoying with it.

This boat contains complete RTF which means that it is full of ready to float on water and create a happy environment among the friends and family members.

This boat is fit for both indoor and outdoor you can use it anywhere on the water surface such as in your swimming pools, lakes, ponds, and on the rivers.

Now talking about the battery timing of this boat which is more than a boat, it’s used the lithium-ion battery of approximately 7.4V with containing of USB charger.

This boat contains a long pistol grip radio control for transmit and control the command of the boat, the remote of boat contains four-channel and many other features of commanding.

At last, about this boat is that you are not supposed to worry about this boat it is self-righting designed that free up from the worry.


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Rage RC Aqua Dart RTR Pool Boat (Black/Green) Toy, HRP Distribution

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