Brabus Mercedes E-Class tuning0

Brabus Mercedes E-Class tuning

The professional tuning company, Brabus, one of the companies specialized in customizing Mercedes cars has come out with 2 new tuning kits for the E-Class and S-Class models. Our main concern in this topic is the Mercedes E-Class, along with the upgrades and modifications signed by Brabus team.

E-Class is one of the most luxurious cars ever made by Mercedes, always covered in expensive materials, so finding any possible way of upgrade was very hard for the guys at Brabus. The tuner has closely selected the finest materials for the inside and exterior design, but also managed to rise the car’s engine performance. If we go for the design, we can spot some good looking new stuff, such as a front spoiler, a rear diffuser and a rear spoiler on the trunk.

If you go for the carbon fiber models, you can get a high performance stainless steel exhaust system, besides the 3 kit upgrades we previously named. The 20 inch alloys also go into the optional package, along with interior pieces and a sport fender. As for the engine performance, Brabus boosted this Mercedes E-Class to a V8 5.5 or 6.3 liter engine.

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