Chrysler Cruiser Tuning

Chrysler PT Cruiser Tuning

There’s something about the Chrysler PT Cruiser that somehow kept it alive even if the model was discontinued some years ago. In fact, there are many people who think that the Cruiser is a rather ugly car.
Still there are others that think exactly the opposite so there’s no wonder that today we’re bringing you one controversial piece of tuning: the home made PT Cruiser PT/10.

Chrysler Cruiser Tuning Chrysler Cruiser Tuning

First of all, as we have stated above, this is not a factory built unit but an owner made conversion that features a big V10 Viper engine cramped under the hood. Also, the engine is connected to a proper gearbox and features a handmade exhaust system that the owner says it brings the car to the performance level of a Viper with only a fraction of the money you would invest in such a supercar.

Chrysler Cruiser Tuning
Now, the car is for sale on eBay, but there are some question marks raised as the owner stated the Cruiser still needs some tweaks on the electric side and some minor adjustments. Indeed, electric tweaks in a rather old car aren’t quite neglectable as even a small short-circuit can lead to some rather nasty consequences. Moreover, the pictures placed on eBay are 5 years old (2006) and they may not reveal the actual state of the car.

Chrysler Cruiser Tuning Chrysler Cruiser Tuning
Anyway, taking aside the technical issues, this PT Cruiser really looks neat and it gives a sense of what the notion of tuning is all about: style and power.

Written by John

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