Koenigsegg CCR Edo Competition

Edo Competition Koenigsegg CCR

The guys over at Edo Competition are well known for the fact that they never turn down an order. Still, this latest Koenigsegg CCR proved to be somewhat of a disappointment, despite the 40,000 Euros paid by the owner of one of the rarest cars in the world (as you might know, only 14 CCR were ever produced).

Koenigsegg CCR Edo CompetitionThat’s because, even if the overall performance of the 4,7 l engine  was improved with  10%  getting from 806 to 891 hp, the top speed was decreased with 5 km/h and the torque has also decreased from 920  to just about 900 Nm. But how could this happen?
Well, when you have to work with such a fined tuned car like the Koenigsegg CCR, any intervention can prove to be quite tricky and it seems that Edo Competition didn’t quite hit the right spot.

Koenigsegg CCR Edo Competition

Also, the CCR has received a strengthened braking system with bigger ventilated discs, a new front bumper and a special alcantara interior finish.
Unfortunately, neither these enhancements or the engine upgrade (or downgrade) can’t quite justify the 40,000 Euros that Edo Competition cashed in for this project.

Koenigsegg CCR Edo Competition

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