Prior Design Bentley Continental GT0

Prior Design Bentley Continental GT High Society

About a month ago, Prior Design made an announcement concerning a new project that involved a Bentley Continental and lots of tuning ideas. Since then, the company kept its word and now we can show you the results.

First of all, the Bentley received brand new front and rear bumpers, a set of assorted side skirts and a vented hood. Also the guys over at Prior Design opted to give the car  a modified spoiler and diffuser assorted with the new stainless steel exhaust system, that also got the car a few extra hp.

On the inside, Prior used a lot of Carbon fiber trims, in so, adding to the already aggressive look of the car.

For the moment the tuners didn’t announce a price for this upgrade package that they called “High Society” but we do know that they already made available for purchase and most probably you can find out more if you contact them directly. That’s of course if you own a Bentley Continental GT and you want to enter the “high society”.
Until then you can see more of this tuned up British car if you jump over the gap to our photo gallery.

Prior Design Bentley Continental GT

Written by John

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