Project Kahn Audi TT TR8

Project Kahn Audi TT TR8

There is a huge difference between an Audi TT and an the R8 roadster both in terms of price and in terms of features but this didn’t seemed to bother the guys over at Project Kahn too much. Moreover, they thought of a way to combine the best features of the two cars in a small yet powerful car that will certainly make you turn your head on the street. So what’s this all about?

Project Kahn Audi TT TR8

Well, the Project Kahn tuners took an ordinary Audi TT coupe and gave it a special R8 looking body kit.

Project Kahn Audi TT TR8

Now if you are a tuning aficionado and you are familiar with Project Kahn’s…well, projects, you know that this is no small thing as this is one of the biggest German tuners. So (back to the subject) this styling package contains a front and rear vented bumper set, a new front grille, R8 style side blades and of course a new rear spoiler that completes the junior’s roadster look. Also, the German tuners prepared a new stainless steel four-pipe exhaust system and a new set of 20 inch multispoke RSV alloy wheels that will go just great with the hi-tech lowered sport suspension springs that the tuned up TT features. Obviously, for those interested in investing some serious bucks, Project Kahn has also a wide offer of interior customization options.

Project Kahn Audi TT TR8


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