Redcat Everest 10 Review

The Redcat Racing Everest 10 was founded by C.E.O. Darin Oreman. He has inveted in Redcat racing, intending to bring RC racing lovers together. Over the years Redcat has gained an active and large community of enthusiasts and retailers. The RC company created a YouTube Chanel that has attracted over 23,000 subscribers who find it interesting to post homemade videos of the Redcat vehicles. Most of the Redcat vehicles’ sales are bought online since the company has embraced E-commerce as a way of making sales adopting options like Amazon and eBay to grow their customer flow and satisfaction. Reasons as to why people should buy the RedCat RC cars are many. 

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Before purchasing the RedCat RC cars, one should have the following basic understanding: its full body, Car chassis, Its reliability, Its ease of driving, the pros and cons of the car, Possible problems with this car, How to take care or clean the RC car, the reason why one should buy the RC Everest 10 car, and who is this car meant for. The RC Everest 10 car comes fully assembled from the manufacturer ready to tackle the rough terrains comprehensively. This review gives a good overview of the basic understanding of the RC Everest 10 car in detail.

What a great rig for the price! Hobby grade.

Full Body

The body of an RC Everest 10 car has many components such as:


The RC Everest 10 with the 1/10 scale has an aluminum chassis, the base frame where the wheels and the shocks are mounted. The Redcat Racing Everest 10 car’s chassis holds together the key suspension components: the hocks, motor, the drive shaft, and the wheels that are deadlocked.

Ease of driving

The RC Everest 10 comes fully assembled, making it easy for the user to unbox and start driving it. RC Everest 10 are well built, making it easy to maneuver in rough taught terrains.

The spare parts are readily available in case of any damages that may occur. The components can be upgraded as many times as possible as well as being repaired. However, some research has to be done before upgrading RC Everest 10 car to avoid buying spare parts that may not fit in.


RC Everest 10 has a waterproof feature that ensures the build component does not get damaged by water. With consistent upgrading of batteries and efficient charging, it makes it last longer to drive. The user should also upgrade the servo to increase efficiency, making services for close to a week without charge.

Possible problems with Everest 10

If one attempts to reassemble RC Everest 10 whether one is a retailer or ESC it makes the warranty null and void. RC Everest 10 has all the gears exposed to either dirt, sand, or gravel since it does not have a gearbox. At times the batteries are weak, forcing one to purchase other durable batteries, thus increasing the expenses.

How to care your Everest 10

 There are steps to be followed when cleaning RC Everest 10 car:

  • Use essential household cleaners to maintain the car in its best form after every run.
  • Use a brush and an air compressor to clean the car. Please note when using an air compressor one should use eye protective gear.
  • Use the general all propose cleaner to spray the car, especially after running in mud water or snow. Helps to prevent rust and maintain the car’s performance.
  • The chassis should always be scrubbed using a brush to take away any trapped mud or grass.
  • The wheels should be removed and cleaned to avoid vibrations caused by wheel imbalances. When done cleaning the wheels, and also clean the steering.
  • Use a hose on low pressure after cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner to wash off the wheels and chassis at this point when cleaning the breather hole should be covered to prevent electronic water components.
  • Compressed air is used to blow the remaining water after raising. After that, dry off the car using a rug then use a rust inhibitor spray on all the metal parts and bearing exposed, later use a soft brush to polish the body and trustor the shine consider using a glass cleaner.

Redcat everest 10 real review


Redcat Everest 10 Specification

Maximum Speed up to 5.3 mph (meant for crawling)
Item Weight 10.2 pounds
Dimension 17 x 9.5 x 9 inches
Size/Scale 1/10
Body and Chasis Plastic and Aluminium


 This 1/10 scale of Everest 10 RC car has more likes than dislikes. Here, the suspension and train drivers have lots of metal, thus making them highly durable. One has the freedom to choose their upgrades as Axial SCX10 custom parts are compatible with the RC Everest 10 parts. Furthermore, the 4-link suspension blends very well with the crawls.

The RC Everest 10 is very affordable (less than $200 and easy to maintain. And by the way, this is a powerful car with awesome appearance and usage with reasonable crawl control.


Of course, these are aspects I do not really like about Everest 10. First, the thin plastic on the top body cover leads to the risk of the electronic components being damaged. Second, the NiMH 2000mAh capacity battery has proven to be a weak source of power, pushing one to purchase LiPo batteries. And finally, the lack of a gearbox exposes the gears to the earth elements such as sand.

  • Affortable
  • Strong metal for suspension and train drivers
  • 4-link suspension blends very well with the crawls
  • Thin plastic on the top body cover
  • Lack of a gearbox exposes the gears to the earth elements

Who is this car for?

The RC Everest 10 is designed for monster truck enthusiasts with a passion for mountainside scaling, which is only possible for rock crawlers. It is meant for hobbyists.

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No doubt here! I would recommend other people to buy because the RC Everest 10 is fun to use, maintain, and is very affordable to terrain race lovers.

I do not recommend for younger teenager below 14 years old though.

Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler with Waterproof Electronics, 2.4Ghz Radio Control (1/10 Scale), Red/Black

$179.99  in stock
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  • Aluminum chassis, 4-Link suspension, Aluminum capped oil filled shocks, Beadlock wheels, Centrally mounted motor, Shaft driven, Locked diffs, Ball bearings throughout.
  • Selectable upper shock positions, Adjustable ride height, Tunable suspension.
  • Large aggressive tires, Scale body, great articulation.
  • 54T RC540 brushed motor, Waterproof crawler 40A ESC, High torque steering servo, 2.4GHz radio system.
  • Assembled & Ready to Run - Includes 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH Battery, & NiMH Charger - Requires 4-AA Batteries for Transmitter. Please contact Red Cat Racing for troubleshooting issues & other product working related queries.


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