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Redcat Gen 8 Scout 2 review


The most hyped vehicle release from the infamous Redcat Brand of all time has to be none other than Gen 8 Scout II. When the company announced the release date of Gen 8, the world of scale crawler was taken aback. Overwhelmed by the success of Gen 7, Redcat Racing addressed their fans and made significant changes to the Gen 8 – and by significant, we mean a full-fledged renovation!

So, is Gen 8 worth the hype? Is it one of the best scale crawlers? Well, keep scrolling because our review has just started!

is Gen 8 worth the hype? Keep reading

Redcat Gen 8 Scout 2 Full Body

Redcat has definitely aced the look of the Gen 8 body. While it is slightly bigger, it has an apt shape with 1:1 ratio. Because the actual shape of the fender is not followed in this crawler, it has disappointed some users but it has nothing to do with its performance. Apart from fender’s design, the crawler comes with a robust and stylish body that will easily withstand wear and tear.

When compared to its forerunner Gen 7, this model feels much solid and durable in your hands, especially its doors and windows. The bottom area of doors was very thin and delicate in Gen 7 which annoyed a lot of users. Gen 8 is thick yet flexible, it is capable of withstanding heavy wear and tear.

The rigidity of the rest of the body comes from the modeled fenders that are cemented to it. If we keep aside the look of fenders, they offer great support and work as the mounting system of the vehicle.



Complete Chasis

No doubt Gen 8 is one of the most gorgeous crawlers out there. But it’s the performance of this rig that makes it stand out from the rest. The chassis set up of the vehicle is very impressive especially for a box stock crawler. Further, the suspensions have a very premium and smooth feel that you can only expect in the high-end models.

On top of it, the portal axles are sturdy and keep the rig rolling, despite a rocky and obstacle-rich path you’re driving it on.

Next, the impressive combination of side-mounted electronic trays and fenders not only offers an appealing look to the Gen8 chassis, but it also keeps the rig high-performing even on the beaten paths.

We are especially impressed with the sealed receiver box set up that includes a winch, ports for connecting LEDs and other aux devices.

If you’re already a fan of Redcat Racing Gen 7 chassis, the set up of Gen 8 will definitely impress you. It is a lot better than its predecessor.

The built- quality, the feel and the even weight distribution is truly spot on!

Motor & Electronics

The combination of a powerful brushless motor, a steering servo and a radio system is enough to offer a mind-blowing performance right there. The powerful motor offers a constant power supply to keep the vehicle rolling through all kinds of paths: tall grass, rocks, snow and whatnot. While it won’t guarantee a drag race win, it offers plenty of steady torque and power for running it from one point to another.

Wheels & Tires

Tires are the most important factor to consider while buying a radio-controlled vehicle. If there is one area where GEN 8 could have done better, it’s the wheels and tires. While the tires themselves are quite decent, it’s the tire foam that can cause inconvenience to the users. Because of the use of memory foam, they take a bit longer to return back to their original shape.

As seen on Team Redcat

While this isn’t a big issue, it could sometimes throw your rig out of track. The memory foam becomes hard under cold situations which impacts the rig’s performance.

Ease of driving

After plenty of driving sessions, we can say that this rig offers a smooth and interesting driving experience. We have crawled it on snow-covered, grassy and ungroomed paths and we haven’t found a single problem while doing so. The motor does a great job in keeping the vehicle running by supplying low-end torque and power.

If you ask us to define the crawling experience in one word, it is “grounded”. It offers a joyful and also a thrilling crawling experience.

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From our experience, we have found that GEN 8 is a great rig that offers appealing looks and design. But most importantly, it offers a next-level performance for the price it comes at. The main highlight is its thick body, unlike the GEN 8 body, this one is surely designed to tolerate a good amount of wear and tear. So, yes, it is one hell of a reliable crawler. If you maintain it well, it will stay good for a lot longer.

Possible problems with Crawler Gen8 scout II

As mentioned earlier, the tires of this rig can cause inconvenience to the users. And not particularly the tires, but the memory foam inserts can sometimes put you off the track. Further, the brushless motor is decent, so don’t expect too much from it.

In case you require any spare parts like wheels you can get them from the Redcar Racing Store on Amazon directly.

How to clean Blackout XTE and XTE Pro by Redcat

Use a clean and dry paintbrush to get rid of dirt and debris from the car. If you have an air compressor, you can blow off the dirt using it as well. However, never try to wash your RC car, it may degrade the paint and can also damage the electronic components. If need be, use a wet wipe or light water mist to clean the stubborn dirt patches.

redcat gen8 scout2 review

Gen8 Scout II Crawler Specification

Maximum Speed 5MPS on 2S and 7MPS on 3S
Item Weight 10.83 pounds
Dimension 27 x 11.75 x 11 inches
Size/Scale 1/10
Body and Chasis Aluminum, Plastic, Metal, Rubber
ESC Waterproof 40a
Motor 17T 550 brushed motor

Here, let me also share with you the positive sides and the negative sides of this crawler Gen8 scout2. Read on and discover what makes this product value for money.

  • Clear windows
  • Heavy Built
  • Portal Axels
  • Suspension shock and Metal Links
  • Great value for money
  • Belly bump at the bottom
  • Memory foam tire inserts


Who is this car for?

This crawler is for anyone who loves powerful RC truck. There is a chasis that is very well built. For people who want a long-lasting product with unquestionable performance, this item is perfect. With max speed of up to 7 miles per hour on 2S, this is very good crawler that you can use offroad or onroad.

This RC truck by Redcat is recommended for anyone of 14 years old or above.

So, is Gen 8 Scout 2 worth your money?

Yes. It’s a gorgeous and high-performing RC crawler that justifies the price it comes at. While it has a few minor flaws, they don’t impact its performance at all. It is definitely worth adding in your RC garage.


Redcat Racing Gen8 V2 International Scout II 1/10 Scale Rock Crawler Scale Truck, Green, GEN8-V2-GREEN

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  • Portal axles, Divorced transfer case, High strength 1.5mm C-Channel chassis rails, 4-Link suspension, Aluminum threaded shocks, Functional 1.9 beadlock wheels, CNC machined spools, Metal wheel hexes, Rubber sealed ball bearings throughout, 47º precision steering, Panhard bar, Front mounted motor.
  • Licensed International Harvester Scout II body, Hard plastic grill, LED ready body and bumpers, Plastic folding mirrors, Molded inner and outer fenders, Licensed Interco Super Swamper tires, Shackle mount bumpers (LED ready), Plastic rock sliders
  • Adjustable wheel base, Adjustable ride height, Adjustable toe angle, Multiple shock positions, Adjustable approach and departure angle, Tunable suspension, Lockable adjustable slipper clutch, Many upgraded parts available, Many 3D printable parts available.
  • 17T 550 brushed motor, Waterproof crawler ESC, Hexfly waterproof steering servo, 2.4GHz radio system.
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