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Redcat racing Landslide XTE review


Are you looking for a fast, efficient, and durable remote-controlled truck? Are you scrolling across the internet and not finding the perfect product that you wish to buy? It is natural to feel overwhelmed with so many products available in the market. The new Redcat Landslide XTE is something that you should go for. Its built, pace, and overall appearance are sure to make you instantly fall in love with the product. Here in this Redcat Racing Landslide XTE Review, you will get complete details about the product. So, read on till the end.

I really like Redcat and I was excited to try the new landslide out.

Full Body and Chasis

At the very beginning of this Redcat Racing Landslide XTE Review, mention must be made of the full-body chassis feature of this vehicle. The aluminum chassis is lightweight and keeps the vehicle stiff and rigid. The chassis is one of the most important structures. In this truck, the well-built chassis ably holds the car’s body as well as the powertrain. The quality of the chassis is extremely high. It provides adequate strength to all the other components of the vehicle. Different mechanical parts such as the drivetrain, engine, suspension parts, brakes, axle, steering components, and the wheels are bolted onto the body of the chassis.  



Ease of driving

The truck comes fully assembled. Therefore, you do not need to go through the hassle of arranging the different parts. Once the truck is delivered, you need to unbox the package, insert the required batteries and start with racing adventures right away. The truck is quite easy to drive. The brushless ESC regulates the power that it provides to the brushless motor. It offers sufficient low-end torque that promotes quick acceleration as well.

Equipped with adjustable suspension, oil-filled aluminum capped adjustable shocks, and a brushless motor, this truck is a dream come true for every racer who wants to have a gala time playing and enjoying with this vehicle.


Most of the Redcat Racing products are notable because of their good quality, durability, and functionality. The different racing products manufactured by this company are among the top racing products. The company never compromises on the reliability and the usability of its products.

In the case of this product too, the wheels of the truck can take up quite high speeds in very little time. Though the product is operable at incredible speeds, it never fails to yield the best performance. The Redcat Racing Landslide XTE is loaded with amazing and jaw-dropping features that make the product a great purchase.

One of the most functional parts of this truck is its tires. The manufacturers have designed them specially so that the truck remains suitable to be used on all kinds of surfaces. The well built, rough, and tough tires make it easier for you to drive this product over undulating surfaces and rough terrains.

redcat landslide xte review

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Possible problems with this car

Along with providing the necessary information, this Redcat Racing Landslide XTE Review also mentions the probable issues that might arise while using the item. Before you lay your hands on the product, glance through the possible difficulties that might arise.

Sometimes it can be difficult for you to pair the controller of this truck. In such cases, you need to reset the system. If any part of the truck stops functioning properly due to prolonged usage, you can order the required spare parts from the manufacturer.

Though the vehicle works on good battery power, the battery might die out when you use it regularly. Getting a new set of batteries is fine but they can be quite expensive.

The car is pretty fast. However, there happens to be a problem with its speed at certain times. Once the vehicle takes off, it runs at an uncontrollable speed. Such high speeds might lead to damage to the truck as well as the surroundings.

How to clean the Landslide XTE

Proper cleaning and maintenance of the truck is essential if you want your vehicle to last long. In this detailed Redcat Racing Landslide XTE Review, you will also get information about how to take care of this truck. Read on and find it out.

You can clean this truck very easily. Simply follow these steps and make your truck look brand new:

This Redcat Racing Landslide XTE Review also lists down the advantages and the drawbacks associated with this product. Have a look at them before you buy.

Redcat landslide xte real review


Redcat racing landslide XTE Specification

Maximum Speed up to 40 mph (estimation coz it is very fast)
Item Weight 10.93 pounds
Dimension 20 x 15 x 10 inches
Size/Scale 1/8
Body and Chasis Plastic and Aluminium


  • Good quality built
  • Sturdy and superfast
  • Good battery power
  • Easy to drive
  • Interchangeable body parts
  • Not appropriate for beginners
  • Pairing the controller can be difficult sometimes
  • The steering might stop working with regular usage

Who is this car for?

After reading this review, you have gained ample knowledge regarding the features and the functions of the truck. With the best handling characteristics, easy pulls wheelies, and sturdy aluminum chassis, this truck is a dream come true for racers and everyone who wants to have a speedy race along the race track. What makes this lightning-fast truck unique and a must-have are its excellent features such as adjustable toe angle and ride height, tunable suspension, and gear differentials. The brushless motor and waterproof ESC are also one of the main reasons for buying this uniquely designed truck.


Highly recommended for those who have a hobby for fast trucks. I just love this Landslide XTE.

Redcat Racing Landslide XTE Electric Monster Truck, 1/8 Scale, Blue

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  • Features adjustable suspension, aluminum Capped oil filled adjustable shocks and brushless powerful motor
  • Batteries and charger not included
  • Reinforced bumpers and shock towers
  • Dual battery boxes with quick release
  • Quality sealed bearings throughout


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