RedCat Volcano EPX Review

RC trucks can be fun and thrilling, combined with the advancements in technology today, these bite-sized machines can pack a mean punch. The RedCat Racing Volcano EPX is one such RC truck. In fact, it is so powerful it can hardly be described as an RC car. It was specifically designed for off-road usage and can handle any terrain you throw at it. It can scale any obstacle, has a superb top speed, great handling, and is tough as nails. When you put it all together it is one of the best RC trucks that money can buy. In our RedCat Volcano EPX review, we have thoroughly analyzed its capabilities and pitted it against its competitors. In the sections that follow, we shall dive deeper into what makes this RC truck such a good purchase.

The Volcano EPX is designed for enthusiasts who want to enjoy a powerful RC truck.


Full Body

The RedCat Volcano EPX is quite literally built like a tank. The RC truck is made of a durable and lightweight body. It also has fully supported bumpers with a built-in skid plate for damage protection. It also comes with two shocks per wheel! They give the truck great damping control and it protects the truck from any damage. It also comes with a fully adjustable suspension that gives you maximum performance, no matter the terrain. You can fine-tune it as you like it will handle all manner of bumps. It also has huge wheels, giving it a good ground clearance. The electronics also come with sealed casings to protect them from debris and water damage.

The motor comes with a heat sink to keep it cool at all times. Speaking of the motor, it is quite powerful. It uses a 550 Brushed 19 turn motor and a brushed ESC for optimal control. It also has a Hexfly servo that gives the RC truckloads of torque for rougher terrain.


The chassis is built to be durable and sturdy. The upper half is made out of aluminum, while the lower half is made up of plastic. You can also upgrade the lower chassis to an aluminum one for added durability.

Ease of driving

The Volcano EPX was made to be driven. The remote control uses 8 AA batteries and is surprisingly easy to use. It employs a 2.4GHz pistol-grip transmitter, which has proportional control. While the range of control you get on this vehicle is unlike any other, it is also too complicated for young children. You can also upgrade virtually every part of the Volcano EPX. This gives you unlimited customizability and allows you to tune the vehicle as per your driving style.


The Volcano EPX comes with a rechargeable NiMH battery, which gives around 7-10 minutes of run-time. While it isn’t a great figure, this range is common among all RC trucks. You should pick up extra rechargeable batteries for better performance and a high-speed charger to reduce waiting times. The RC truck also comes with a plastic cover for internal parts to protect it from dust dirt and debris.

Possible problems with this car

The Volcano EPX is one of the most well-rounded RC trucks on this list. It features a powerful engine, great control, a very agile body, and a great suspension system. However, if there is any drawback, it would be the short battery life and the slightly brittle front bumper.

How to care/clean/ this car

The purpose of buying the Volcano EPX is so that you can have fun with it on different kinds of terrains and drive it around until the batteries are dead. This also means that the car will collect a lot of dirt. You can remove any dirt and debris by using compressed air. Simply blow on it and it will be clean. However, if the car has been used multiple times or has not been cleaned for a while, you may need to dismantle the car and clean each part with compressed air and apply motor spray for smoother functioning.

RedCat Volcano EPX Review


Redcat Volcano EPX Electric Monster Truck Specification

Maximum Speed  up to 20 mph
Item Weight  8.6 pounds
Dimension 15.75 x 12.25 x 7.5 inches
Size/Scale 1/10
Body and Chasis  Plastic and Aluminium


The RedCat Volcano EPX is one of the fastest and quick machines out there. The fully adjustable suspension is a boon, you can tune it for any terrain to get the best out of the RC truck. The big wheels and the solid chassis make it durable, and when combined with the 4×4 wheel drive, the Volcano EPX is a formidable RC truck that can take on any obstacle and terrain. It also comes with a class-leading 90-day warranty.


The short battery life and the need to replace parts when damaged. For only 7-10 minutes you may not be able to enjoy the experience as much as you would like to. It is also not built for racing. The body simply isn’t suited to race and the low top speed of 20mph also does not help. The bumper on the front cannot withstand a heavy impact since it is made of plastic. The bottom half of the chassis is also made of plastic and will get damaged fairly quickly. The RC while being easy to use is not meant for kids as it is not as straightforward as other RC toys.

  • Fast and quick RC out there
  • The fully adjustable suspension is a boon, you can tune it for any terrain
  • The big wheels and the solid chassis make it durable
  • The short battery life and the need to replace parts when damaged
  • It is also not built for racing

Who is this car for?

The Volcano EPX is designed for enthusiasts. It is meant for people who want to enjoy a powerful RC truck. The big wheels, the nimble ride, and the powerful servo make it all a thrilling purchase. You are sure to have fun with the Volcano EPX no matter the terrain and the obstacles that lie ahead. Although it is not meant for racing, it is still quite zippy and you will enjoy using it. The RC itself is quite easy to use and even amateurs will have a fun time learning it.


The fully tuneable suspension and the two shocks on each wheel, combined with huge wheels make the Volcano EPX a delight to drive. It can simply devour any obstacle in its path. It can conquer any terrain you put it on. The sheer delight you get from watching this RC truck zip past you is unbeatable.

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck, Blue/Silver, 1/10 Scale

 in stock
9 new from $169.99
1 used from $155.93
as of October 20, 2021 6:34 pm


  • 4WD Monster truck w/ Large monster truck tires, Lightweight molded plastic chassis, (8) Aluminum capped oil filled shocks, front and rear gear differentials.
  • Tunable suspension, Adjustable ride height, Tunable shocks, Tunable gear differentials, Adjustable camber, Adjustable toe angle. Speed Control: 40a Brushed Waterproof ESC
  • Aggressive tires, Independent suspension, Low center of gravity chassis for high speed performance, Ball bearings throughout.
  • 19T brushed 550 electric motor with heat sink, Waterproof ESC, Waterproof high torque steering servo, 2.4GHz radio system.


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