Senner Tuning Opel Astra

Senner Tuning Opel Astra

Although they are not specialized in modifying Opel cars, since their largest number of projects are based on Audi, the Germans at Senner Tuning decided to give it a try and upgrade the new model of Opel Astra. The Astra’s exterior is hard to be recognized after getting massive changes to all the body parts.

But not only the design has been changed, they boosted the performance too by installing an 1.4 liter turbocharged engine among with several new parts such as a sport air cooler and new systems like ECU and new exhaust pipes. The new engine can develop up to 165 horsepower, with 250 Nm of torque. We’d say it’s a big upgrade, coming from the standard 140 horsepower engine.

On the exterior, as we previously said there are huge changes. Senner added on this Opel Astra a new rear diffuser, side skirts, a front grille and a roof spoiler. All the body parts are made by carbon fiber. The car has tinted windows and a new style of Alutec 19 inch alloys. If you’d like this style on your Opel Astra be ready to spend about $15,000.
Senner Tuning Opel Astra

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