Switzer Porsche Panamera P6800

Switzer Porsche Panamera P680

Switzer Performance, the Americans from Ohio came out recently with an amazing tuning pack for the Porsche Panamera, called P680. The kit was specially made for those who enjoy powerful cars with high performance engines and can forget about the design. This modified Panamera looks very similar to the factory model, but if you look under the hood you can see massive performance improvements.

The Porsche Panamera P680 is powered by a V8 direct-injected engine. Two twin turbos and an upgraded cooling system also increase greatly the power of this car. Also, one of the most important upgrades is the Siemes ECU tuning. With the full kit, the Panamera P680 produces 680 horsepower (from where the name comes too) and 200 lb-ft more compared with the standard model. On the track, the car managed to get great timing, with a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. The maximum speed of the Porsche was 215 mph, using special gas. The price of the kick is not low at all, Switzer Performance priced this pack at over $22,000.

 Switzer Porsche Panamera P680

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