2018 Tesla Model S Tuning by ARES Italian Designer

Find out the latest Shooting Brake Tesla Model S AutoDriver – Safest electric car ever built?

One of the Tesla Model S owner, Phil Hayton,had a problem. His P90D just isn’t practical enough for transporting his dog. The solution? Hacking the car to bits and making it into a ‘shooting brake’ estate, obviously.  Except ‘hacking the car to bits’ is a little challenging for him. That is why he went for a performance tuning car for professional help instead.

With the help of coach-building company Qwest, Phil’s dream station wagon electric car will have more boot space than the standard car. The Shooting Brake can offer up to 7.4ft of clear luggage space. See the below full glass window at the rear seat? This tuned S model provides more rear head room and proper space for two adults in the boot.

ARES Design leading the Shooting Brake Tuning

With Phil’s problem in mind, ARES Design went on to design a “shooting brake” modification for the Tesla Model S. Similar to the carbon-fiber construction of Qwest Norfolk’s one-off vehicle; the Italian tuning house will utilize both carbon fiber and aluminum to create the redesigned rear of this American electric car. Based on the press release‘s image that the aftermarket firm has released of the vehicle, the changes it plans to implement on the car are quite extensive, and they look really good. You will also be amazed to learn that this is not just one of the Tesla model s facelift retrofit but instead, it includes a great power upgrade as well.

According to a statement released by the Italian company, the concept of electronic change appeared after ARES CEO Danny Bahar noted improvements for Tesla Model S. As Bahar loves its technology and performance, he does not worry on its hatchback design. Instead, he is bold enough to tune this high performance electric car.

Ares Tesla shooting brake tuning


Among the three aftermarket firms that configure Model S shooting brakes, ARES Design might very well be the company that could pull off the most remarkable vehicle. The Italian tuning studio, after all, boasts years of experience in refining luxury cars from across the world. With the announcement of ARES Design, there are now three different parts retailers who manufacture their Tesla Model S. Until now, only one company from Qwest Norfolk has shown the current version of the car. And as we noted in the previous report, the car has been seen many times in the wild. Another company working on the idea is the Dutch automaker RemetzCar, who has designed a brake design. Interested to get your hand on this performance tuned Tesla Model S by ARES, the starting price is 200,000euro and shall be delivered in 12 weeks’ time.

Tesla model s interior 2018

Check these interior photos of 2018’s Tesla model S as follow:

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