Vilner Smart For Two

Vilner tuning Smart for Two

You may or may not have heard before of Vilner, but what’s for sure is that you’ll love what they’ve done with this Smart for Two.
Actually, Vilner is a Bulgarian tuner that over the past year has invested a lot in promoting its own work abroad, a thing that has already brought a lot of customers eager to get a fancy tuning for their cars at a rather low price. Even so, in this episode, we’ll talk about a local order that Vilner got in terms of tuning.

Vilner Smart For Two

We’re talking here about a Smart for Two who’s Bulgarian owner wanted to make it unique in every way possible. Said and done as the guys over at Vilner took this micro town car and gave it a complete styling makeover built around a square  motive that you can find both on the inside and the outside of the car. Also they dispatched of the old silver – gray color and gave the Smart a chrome finish doubled by the orange back poles finished with the same square patterns found inside and the five spokes orange wheels.

Vilner Smart For Two

Moreover, the Vilner crew uploaded on YouTube a 3 minutes video made while rebuilding the Smart so you can have a glimpse at the team’s work.

Vilner Smart For Two Vilner Smart For Two Vilner Smart For Two

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